MySilversea Website - Online Luxury!

Silversea is an ultra-luxury cruise line. Once you step on board a Silversea ship, you don't want to spend time deciding which shore excursion to take, and trying to hurry to make sure you get the one you want. You would rather relax, sip champagne and let the vacation unfold as planned. And, much of that planning can be done in advance through the MySilversea website.


As you can see from the home page, MySilversea allows you to complete all of your guest information forms online, reserve shore excursions, spa treatments and dining reservations. 


Guest information forms are very complete and easy to follow. Most of the information will be retained for future cruises, making the process fast and easy for the next Silversea cruise. And, odds are pretty good, you are going to want to sail with Silversea again and again.

The Activities page allows you to view and edit your spa, excursion and dining reservations for each day of the cruise. This is probably the best system we have seen in use by any cruise line. It shows you the exact times the ship is scheduled to arrive and depart each port. Not only do your reservations show up for each day, but they occupy the appropriate time on the chart. This makes it very easy to plan your dining reservations at times that work with your shore excursions, or, perhaps you want to take a morning excursion as well as one in the afternoon? Well done, Silversea!


Booking an excursion (or dining reservation) is as simple as clicking the button (at the right) for the day desired. A list of available shore excursions appears for the selected port.


Departure times, length of excursion and cost are displayed along with the summary of your booked activities for the selected day. In the example above, I can see that we have a dinner reservation at Silver Note at 8pm, so in this case, I would not be too concerned about getting back to the ship at 4pm. We would still have plenty of time to get ready for dinner. Clicking on the red Details button drills down to give even more detailed information about the excursion.


From this screen, you can see the activity level required for the excursion (2 out of 4 dots under photo). The hourglass indicates that there is limited availability for this excursion. The little cloche icon indicates that there is food on this excursion. Placing your mouse pointer over the icons will display text to describe the meaning of the icons (took me a while to figure that out). Scrolling down the page reveals even more details about what the excursion entails.

Making dining reservations works in a similar fashion. Click the Dining button next to the evening for which you wish to make a reservation, and a list of Silver Spirit's (in our case) restaurants is displayed.


As with booking shore excursions, MySilversea lets you see what you already have booked on the selected day.


When you click the RESERVE button, a drop-down menu offers a choice of available time slots for the selected restaurant. It literally could not be more intuitive. Also, if there is a charge for dining in the selected restaurant, that information will be displayed as well (Seishin and La Dame).

All things considered, the MySilversea website is the best pre-cruise planning website we have seen to date (and we have seen quite a few). It makes planning the cruise a simple task of point and click. Now, where's that glass of champagne?