A Brief History

CruiseReport.com is a website that seeks to offer consumers effective tools for researching cruise travel vacations. CruiseReport.com was the first website to combine consumer-written and submitted reviews with professionally written editorial reviews. And, even though our editorial reviews continue to be the most popular areas visited on our website, CruiseReport.com has a lot more to offer.
Commitment to Social Networking

CruiseReport.com maintains an active Facebook page and Twitter account (@Cruisereport). Our YouTube channel is one of the most popular cruise-oriented channels in the online video.


Chris Dikmen and Rickee Richardson | CruiseReport.com

Chris Dikmen and Rickee Richardson launched CruiseReport.com in June 2002. Mr. Dikmen is solely responsible for the technical development of CruiseReport.com and Ms. Richardson is Senior Editor and oversees all content accuracy on the website. Dikmen and Richardson are no strangers to the cruise industry. In 1997, Mr. Dikmen created Online Agency, a website that offered travel agents a way to easily build and maintain their own websites. It was the first template-based website creation tool on the Internet! Under Dikmen's leadership, Online Agency became the fastest growing travel agent networks by 2001 with over 2,200 members! Dikmen sold his ownership interest in Online Agency 2001.

Perhaps best known for their editorial cruise reviews, which are featured, on CruiseReport.com, Dikmen and Richardson are also accomplished travel journalists. Together they have been on more than 100 cruises and traveled all over the world, documenting their experiences for CruiseReport.com readers.

In 2004, Mr. Dikmen authored THE PERFECT CRUISE - How To Find, Plan And Enjoy The Perfect Cruise Vacation. Even though the book is currently out of print, a new, revised "e-reader" version is planned for release in 2010.

Consumer Reach

Over 4.7 million consumers use CruiseReport.com each year to research their cruise vacations. Over 275,000 have registered with CruiseReport.com as members. However, the number of new member registrations is growing rapidly. CruiseReport.com content also appears on hundreds of travel agent websites under their own brand.