Tauck River Cruise Documents

There's something about receiving cruise documents in the mail that makes the trip more exciting. Unfortunately, many cruise lines have gone the route of "e-docs", probably to save on printing costs and shipping. That's a shame, because nothing builds anticipation like tactile, printed documents. Weird, huh?


We received our Tauck documents recently for our upcoming Christmas Markets river cruise on the new ms Savor. Tauck's documents come in the form of a nicely-bound booklet that, while being very comprehensive, is small enough to easily carry when traveling. Since the booklet contains the cruise "ticket", each guest receives a booklet.

The booklet contains all of the information you need pertaining to your journey, and more! Important arrival information explains how airport transfers work and includes local (in Europe) phone numbers you can call just in case your flight is delayed. Of course, there is information on local currency, packing tips, excursions and a day-by-day itinerary.

Tauck does not overwhelm you with a lot of unnecessary marketing literature, just the information you need to have a great vacation experience. We can't wait to experience Europe's Christmas Markets with Tauck. It should be incredible!