My 10 Favorite Cruise Ports

Over the past 12 years we have visited more than 150 different ports-of-call. Here are my 10 favorite port cities:

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas - This is my favorite Caribbean port. Other than being overcrowded when the big ships are in port, this is still the best spot for stocking up on cheap duty-free liquor and is home to our favorite jewelry store, Ballerina Jewelers.

New York City, USA - Perhaps the best city in which to embark or disembark. New York is always worth an extra stay of 2 or 3 days before boarding a ship. There is so much to see and do here, it is amazing.

Rome, Italy - You have to visit the Colosseum and the Spanish Steps, but the Pantheon is my favorite. This is a great city to just walk around and enjoy the pizza and gelato.

Kusadasi, Turkey - Nothing compares to Ephesus!

Venice, Italy - Definitely the most romantic and intriguing city in the world.

Dubrovnik, Croatia - Another great port city to just get off the ship and walk around on your own. Make sure to walk around the city wall.

Dubai, UAE - This is another city that is worthy of a 3 or 4-day extra stay. Amazing hotels and restaurants, great shopping and make sure to do the Dunes Safari.

Cape Town, South Africa - Drive 30 miles outside of Cape Town to their wine country and you will experience some of the most beautiful mountain scenes anywhere.

Sydney, Australia - Take the train to the Blue Mountains, do a backstage tour of the Sydney Opera House, or just spend a day on the Sydney Explorer bus. If you embark or disembark here, spend at least 4 extra days.

Beijing, China - Although not a port city, every cruise that docks within two hours of Beijing will offer tours. The Great Wall is a must see, the Olympic village and Forbidden City. If you stay overnight, you can enjoy the best Chinese food in the world at The Peninsula hotel.

OK, these are some of my favorites, what are some of yours? (use the Comments area below)